Samantha J. Grasso

A photo of Samantha Grasso at the Grand Canyon National Park. Photo by John Alex Huggins.
Hi, I'm Samantha — but call me Sam. I'm a journalist from Austin, Texas, with reporting focuses on immigration, reproductive rights, race and gender representation, and more. I'm a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, and completed a Bachelor of Journalism in May 2016. While I've gravitated back to Austin, I've had months-long work experiences in both Los Angeles and New York.

I caught the journalism bug when I was 14 with my first copy of punk-rock publication Alternative Press Magazine, and aspired to be a journalist ever since — I even had a two-sentence opinion ran in an issue with Gym Class Heroes on the cover. (Yes, my head grew three sizes the day I got it in the mail.) I'm currently a lifestyle staff writer at the Daily Dot, and have been published in Revelist, Texts From Last Night, and local Austin publications.

I love breakfast tacos, local shows, and cheap Shiner, but miss the mountains out west and the bagels up east. Aside from obsessing over my Orange Tabby cat, I like to feel my brain turn to mush on Twitter, put items in my Amazon cart I will never buy, and listen to my podcast at 1.5 times the regular speed.

Catch me on Twitter, follow me on Instagram, or email me at samjgrasso[at]